3D "Twister"

Los Angeles, CA
October 2019 – January 2020
Designer and Builder

One of the most significant aspects of my life outside design and architecture is playing ultimate frisbee. It is an exciting, growing sport, and one of its primary expressions is the ‘tournament’. Tournaments happen at a variety of scales, from the independent / local to the national and international. Naturally, they are competitive arenas, but they are also beginning to develop into something much bigger than that.
     More and more, ultimate tournaments are growing into massive annual events, similar to the growing appeal of festivals. Thus, annual events with growing budgets are starting to invest in interactive art and immersive spaces.
     In the fall of 2019, I was commissioned to build an interactive feature for the annual tournament, Lei-Out, which happens in Huntington Beach, CA in January. Working with a partner, Josie Ma, we devised a plan to create a 3D version of the game ‘Twister’ which could be played with rock-climbing holds.
      Designed to be able to support four players swinging from the ceiling, my primary task was to balance construction methods so that it could be quickly assembled and disassembled (the tournament only lasts two days), withstand the live loads, and leave space on the inside and outside for artwork. Being essentially a cube, the structure was broken up into modular panels that could be quickly attached and detached and were limited in size by the dimensions of a Uhaul trailer. The game was played with a traditional ‘Twister’ spinner, with the same rules as the original game.